Yorkshire Delights

Yorkshire Dales National Park is situated roughly adjacent to the Lake District in the UK, but has a special and individual character.  The nearby Lake District attracts many visitors and so the Dales is often a great deal quieter, especially in the colder months.

Thornton Force, one of many cascades along the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail.

The landscape is dominated by dales divided by a network of dry stone walls, and rounded hills of limestone.  The famous three peaks of Yorkshire include Ingleborough whose lower flanks contain impressive limestone pavements, though these features can be seen elsewhere in the area too.

Every now and then a lone tree will be seen growing up and out of the limestone slabs, and these are particularly photogenic.

Limestone pavement on the lower flanks of Whernside (Twistleton Scar).

The image above shows the complex pavement which is some places is extensive and difficult to traverse on foot.  Doing so however provides access to some unique situations.  There are many isolated trees here, each one having its own character and story to tell.  Some are arched over precariously, demonstrating the exposed location and constant buffeting by the upland winds.


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