Lessons in Large Format

Photography shouldn’t always be easy.  We are spoiled these days with point and shoot compacts and phone cameras that are highly capable, and take nearly all of the guesswork out of making images.  Step up to a prosumer DSLR or Mirrorless system and things get even more advanced with burst modes that are not far off producing cinematic video, and lightning fast autofocus systems.  What do we learn from this though?  True, some of the technology allows us to get images that would be difficult to consistently achieve otherwise, but in the most part it is removing the requirement of skill from the operation.  Enter Large Format photography.

This is a world where the photographic process is slowed down through the use of large, heavy and slow to operate equipment, and because of this, you take time in creating an image, and give thought to the process that you otherwise would not be required to.  It’s a world I want to spend more time in.

So here’s the camera I have chosen to use to experience this world of photography, an MPP Micro Technical MKVI, with a Schneider 150mm lens on a Linhof shutter unit.


A thing of beauty in its own right, and beautifully built.  I estimate it to be mid 1950’s vintage, though everything works smoothly, and it’s in remarkable condition overall.

It’s my intention to use this for landscape photography primarily, starting with Black and White film which I’ll develop myself.


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