The Season of Colour

There’s something special about the great outdoors in Autumn.  It’s even more memorable if you’ve captured a few images that really show it off.  Last weekend has been spent in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, enjoying the riot of colour before it is blown from the trees by the onset of the winter gales.  Time also to spend some quality time with new equipment!

I decided a month or so ago that a change was due, and so I parted company with my Canon APS-C equipment and made the move to Fujifilm.  The new workhorse is the X-T2, and it’s marvellous.  Granted a little larger and heavier than my EOS-M setup, but the lenses are superb, and the dynamic range from the camera is excellent, as is the high ISO performance.  I’ll stop there though.  It’s important not to get blinded by tech and remember that people take photographs, not cameras.  Modern gear is assistive technology, but the essence of Landscape Photography (or any photography for that matter) is the basic setup of exposure, composition and light.  The best camera in the world cannot compensate if those three components are missing.

Anyway.  I put the new tech to the test at Blea Tarn above Great Langdale.  It’s a place I never get tired of visiting, as the nature of light presents a different take on the stunning view each time you visit.

Langdale Pikes over Blea Tarn

While lacking any notable tree cover, the bracken has a wonderful bronze hue and the spotlighting of the distant mountains adds drama.  These conditions were present for maybe a minute or so.  Later, other parts of this landscape were lit up.

I share my photos to various groups, but never submit camera data in the description as I find such information irrelevant for this type of imagery.  On my flickr page, the exif information is there for those who want it.

I next visited Wasdale to try for an image of Waswater and Wasdale Head.  The light wasn’t the best so called on some long exposures to try and get something from the day.  I’m pleased with the results and there’s a small spotlight on the hills to add a little contrast.  On a dedicated Landscape photography day, one might have spent far longer here waiting for the light, but that wasn’t to be on this occasion.


It was eventually time to leave the Lakes behind and jump across the M6 to the Yorkshire Dales.  I intend to spend more time here.  There’s so much potential here.  The scenery is gorgeous and very interesting compositionally.  Walls and tracks give options for abstract framing, and easy access to high moors brings grand vistas.

Scene on the ascent to the top of moorland

That’s it for now, but watch this space.  A wild camping and photography trip to North Wales is happening soon.  I’ll be praying for some epic sunsets and sunrises.

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