LAND – A Time Lapse

In 2014, I discovered the work of Tom Lowe, the director of a time lapse movie called Timescapes.  His work on this film inspired me to do something different with my photography, and having already put my hand to some hobby video projects and some soundtracks, I decided to explore to possibility of making a time lapse movie of my own.

I had done a few experimental time-lapses using a GoPro camera, and later, with a DSLR with a home-brew arduino based motion control system.  None of this footage went anywhere, but it served it’s purpose at the time.  Some time later, things started happening, photographers were posting loads of time-lapse movies, but the motion control gear was still beyond the budget of the average consumer and was still at the time highly technical equipment.  Then, a kickstarter company called Syrp introduced a device called the Genie.  This is essentially a geared stepper motor with a big battery and a programable intervalometer housed in a neat sturdy package.  You can see it below on the rails they also produced.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 19.37.31.png

The unit connects to your camera via a remote release cable, and either rotates or slides along the track.  You set up your interval, number of photos and amount of movement between shots and off you go.  Then, you need to take all those photos and turn them into a movie.

In 2015 I acquired a Syrp Genie which accompanied me to the West Coast of North America, when I started the film in earnest.  Later on, I acquired the rails.  These make an appearance of sorts later on in the movie as the sequences are edited together in mostly chronological order.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 19.52.09
Time Lapse setup for the Rhosydd Slate mine.

For those that need to know, the photography was carried out using a mix of Canon EOS 60D and 7D mk2.  It was edited using final cut pro and LRTimelapse.  The music was also of my own making.

The process of creating something like this is an experience I want to repeat.  I have some ideas, just need to realise them!


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