Wild Camping is the way to get located!

If you’ve ever seen the amazing mountain photographs by Colin Prior, you’ve probably wondered how people get these images?  There’s a lot of effort involved, mainly because the locations are quite remote.  Walking in to a location for a sunset shoot isn’t a problem, but getting out of there in daylight may well be!  The answer is to take specialist light weight camping equipment out with you and stay in that location overnight to make full use of what that location has to offer photographically.  There’s more reasons than just photography though.

Morning sunlight on the Snowdon Massif.

Late evening and early morning are very special times to be in a mountainous environment.  The sunlight at these times has a beautiful quality and really brings out the form and texture of the land.  You are also likely to be enjoying this experience in solitude, or with a small number of people, as most day-trippers have long since departed.

To stay out, you need to take everything you need with you.

Having some experience hiking in mountains as day trips, is a must, and will help prepare physically for the task of getting to your location.  Map reading skills are essential, too.

You’ll require a tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag (along with regular day hiking kit) at the very least to be comfortable overnight in the hills.  Add to this, food, something to cook it with, and your photography equipment and the weight will add up quickly.  Don’t underestimate how much a heavy backpack can slow you down.  Only a few trips will let you learn what you need, and what you can leave behind.  It’s also best to choose somewhere that doesn’t involve a huge walk for the first attempt, though try to aim for somewhere fairly high – 600m is the rule of thumb for camping wild.

Tents pitched on a bluff at an abandoned Slate mine.

The main thing is to be prepared, check the weather forecasts and know what to expect when you arrive at your destination.  Other than that, what are you waiting for?!

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